Some time ago I was approached by utk asking if I would be interested in presenting their work.  As a group more widely known for exhibiting in unusual locations, I was intrigued as to the possibilities of such a collaboration and over the following months the project grew into an exhibition that occupies the entire Gallery.


Developed through sound and thorough research, Solitary Pleasures is presented with the humour that typifies the work of utk. This exhibition offers a refreshing and welcome exploration of the subject of masturbation and personal pleasure so often considered either taboo and distasteful or else the stimulus of much juvenile humour.


The artist working alone in a garret is a romantic cliche.  However, the idea that most visual artists work on their own is a truth and much art today is the product of individual activity.  Acknowledging this and the content of the exhibition, I feel there is an amusing paradox that Solitary Pleasures is the collaborative creation of a group of four visual artists.


My thanks go to all those involved in the realisation of this project and in particular to utk for proposing this innovative exhibition and with whom it has been a pleasure to work.



Moira Innes