Hutton's Uncomformity


                 Hidden behind shops and restaurants in the middle of West Street, and entered through an unassuming modern glass door is Hutton’s Building, once a major player in Sheffield’s cutlery industry. Today the building wears a guise of deserted office spaces, only abandoned in the last ten or fifteen years, but beneath its undistinguished woodchip and chequered floor tiles are layers of an intriguing past. The exhibition is a response to the whispers and ghosts of Hutton’s by the group utk, a collection of four Sheffield based artists who have worked together on many different site specific projects since 1997. Through the work they explore the memories held in its walls and corners, track the traces of silver used in the plating of cutlery and follow the shadows of workers who pace the corridors. The work is the archaeology of a space, not of artefacts but of ideas, of dust; an alternative archaeology - Hutton’s Unconformity.


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